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Snuggle Diaries | Professional Family Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore
Snuggle Diaries | Professional Family Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore



Your real life may be chaotic and messy but I embrace it and photograph the real you and tell your story


Its time to let go of stress while preparing for a typical session and time to say hello to a more meaningful and relaxing session capturing the real you, the real smiles and those laughter, capturing you and your kids unique personalities  

Snuggle Diaries | Professional Family Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore

Family lifestyle session can happen at home or take place in an outdoor location where you are most comfortable. It can be a relaxed Sunday morning at dining table, picnic near a lake or while shopping at grocery store.

I Promise your family session will be laid back and relaxed. The last thing parents need is to stress about their photoshoot.

As a Indiranagar, Bangalore family photographer, I’m happy to photograph your kids at ANY age! It’s perfect to schedule in your weekends.

Let's me help you to document your days

Snuggle Diaries | Professional Family Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore
Snuggle Diaries | Professional Family Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore
Snuggle Diaries | Professional Family Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore

Problems parents face..

It's hard to stay in the present our chaotic day to day lives as time flies by quickly and within few seconds we have to decide what we want to hold onto. We have thousands of images stored on our phones and laptops and never-ending WhatsApp images being stored among these are few which mean a lot to us such as a pic of your kids making a mess in the kitchen floor or pic of you holding your baby for the first time. But it happens that one of the parent is always missing in all of them and that’s the story of every mother documenting her kid’s childhood.


Thought of professional photoshoot itself is daunting as busy multi-tasking mothers would not want to spend our packing getting ready to be already late photoshoot where you know your toddler might poop any minute or get too tired from traveling. 

My solution..

My sessions take place in the comfort of your home, making the most of the day and leaving a happy memory and planned according to you and your kid’s routine. Sessions are filled with doing all your favorite activities from jumping on the bed to quite reading time. Filled with your kids’ toys bring life and meaning to image captured. It can be making the families favorite recipe to just snuggling on the sofa. It’s all about you and your unique story to tell. 

Reasons to book an in-home Family Photo Session:

1. Your toddler, kids are most comfortable at you home! and so are you!
2. No need to pack up, travel and let the weekend be a relaxed weekend.

3. Your messy imperfectly perfect home would be the lovely background for the session and were your kids can relate to when they look back.

4. ‘Prop’s would be your favorite utensils in kitchen or that rug you sit and paint on.

5. This can include your family pets too.

6. We can do the session in your mum bun and T-shirt or get glammed up too. However, you feel most comfortable and yourself

7. It can include the lovely backyard/garden were your kids most fond memories of childhood are made.

8. It can have few prompts and few just documenting your daily routine.

9. Family films have a personal touch with laughter captured during a pillow fight or reading a book to your child in your favorite corner

Reasons to book an Outdoor Family Photo Session :

1. You have been planning a outing since long, this session could e added with your weekend getaway near Indiranagar, Bangalore.

2. You wish to have a family picnic near a lake and enjoy seeing your kids run around and where you can relax and chat with your partner.

3. You family loves more adventure and outing on weekends.


4. You wish to remember a beautiful Sunrise/Sunset with hills on the background.

5. You wish for a fun family activity to be documented, Go-karting, shopping or visit to grandparents’ house.

Let me tell your story...


 STEP #1


First, you contact me and we'll chat about your and your family session requirement & type of session you want!


Next, We'll pick a date, time and location. I will be helping you out with a client prep guide and outdoor location recommendations to make the session as smooth as possible.



I'll show up and we'll have fun session. I promise. It will be more like spending an hour or two with an old family friend rather than being awkward at a traditional photo session. Don't you even worry about your two-year-old running around or shy six-year-old, being a mother myself, I have a way and means to get with kids relaxed and let them be themselves. Even reluctant fathers end up having fun and good time.


Within two weeks of our session, I'll send you a link to view your gallery and film on my website. After viewing you will decide which album and wall arts need to be printed and purchase can be made accordingly (Optional)

I look forward to hearing from you and planning your family


First, let's schedule a time and date to have a quick phone call so we can discuss and answer all your questions.


After you decide to book, I'll send you a short mail confirming the session details and an invoice for your session package. You would be required to pay a small booing amount to confirm the date.


Next, Will be mailing you a prep guide and we'll discuss the details of your session and I promise to make it as smooth as possible. I always plan timing of session according to comfort of your kid’s routine. And don’t worry if they are napping I prefer to wait.


For Family, I book weekend dates which suits you and your partner the best. You can decide to have session at your home or Outdoor. Either is fine with me, we go with your comfort.


Day of your session: Just be your true selves. I'll do my very best to keep relaxed and fun. Your session will be more like hanging out with an old friend for a bit rather than posing and saying cheese and looking at the camera. Family Sessions are usually shot late mornings /according to time best suited with your kids. If they napping , I am happy to wait to wait.

Selecting albums /Wall Art – After the session I will be showing you sample premium albums and ready to hang wall art for you to choose from. (These are excluding the session fee)

After your session:
Within a couple of days, I'll send you a few sneak peek images and within two weeks I'll send you a link to view your gallery with ALL of the images from your session on my website.

After you view your slideshow, you can decide on which image needs to printed for wall art and photobooks. Once paid, you'll be able to download your full-size digital images from your gallery.

Delivery of Photobooks/Wall Art Photobooks and wall art are printed and delivered within 30 days after session.

Frequently asked questions 

Will there be props? 

Ok so this is the most common question I get and my answer is always an yes but for my session props would be your kids favorite toy, utensils in your kitchen, the favorite rug in your living room or Dining table top. 


Best location to shoot? 

This totally depends on your comfort, you can choose your home, backyard or beautiful location near a lake. 

I would be recommending few locations with sample images for your selection. 


You want to book? how does it work?

Contact page - Fill booking form - choose from dates and time available which suits you the best - Make booking amount payment - Done 

You will be receiving a call from me to discuss further details


What to do if husband is uninterested and kids get cranky? 

I understand you.. We will be keeping it as casual and relaxed as possible and go with the flow.. Being a mother myself I have my ways of understanding kids and getting them to relax.


Do you have a studio? 

I move constantly around India every few years. And my style of photography is usually done in natural light with your beautiful home as backdrop. So no.


What if one of us falls sick 

We reschedule ! without a doubt. 


What should I do to prepare my house for in door home session? 

I would request you to keep counters off any items and keep it as clutter free as possible. I would be removing and moving any item I feel is distracting in the frame. 


What time is best for family session indoor? 


Late morning or early evenings depending on maximum sun light coming into your house and according to your kid’s routine when they are most active or after their nap time. 


What time is best for family session outdoor? 

Golder hour ( one hour before sunset) is considered the best for family outdoor sessions , we start 90 before sunset and wait for the beautiful sky in backdrop to take that perfect family portrait  


What to wear? 

Indoor sessions - Plain whites Shirts, salwar, dresses or just to shirt and jeans is also good. Comfortable. 

I will be helping you with brand recommendations and will do best with what's in your wardrobe already. 

Outdoor Sessions - We choose a color pallet for the family and work accordingly. 


What not to wear? Things to avoid 

Matching colour, Sports t shirt with logos, they are very distracting, wordings on t shirt, distracting geometrical pattern dress. 

My goal is to keep your expressions main focus. I even encourage mothers to change into their mom t shirts in the end and just document their evening routine like bath time and dinner time. 

Snuggle Diaries | Professional Family Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore


Download my guide on Five prep tips for your family session

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