“ I just want the PERFECT picture of my baby !”
Newborn family and kids photographer in india

You must have seen tons of cute images of newborn babies —those cuddly snuggly babies wrapped up neat and placed as a doll in cute basket. This is an ideal photo to have of your baby, isn’t it?

Snuggle Diaries provides studio newborn sessions where your baby is wrapped neat and nicely placed in a cute cute little bed. Well, we love both ( Studio & Lifestyle ) so much that we want to have best of both worlds.

SO, if you have decided you only want to go ahead with studio style /I highly recommend you to take up both. In Studio style , I will be at your place with props & Wraps ( As much as my car lets me ) It would take around 45 -1 hr to set up along with studio lights and once baby is bit sleepy . we wrap the baby and do the shoot in studio lights ( They are safe , as  use them at lowest power.)


  • I will be using props like bowl, mini bed, heart shaped bowl with options of few colours along with it, I will use only natural flowers and leaves according to colour preference.
  • Have a look into my gallery. The session consist of images having complete set-up, few with detailed shots such as eye lash , toes and lips ( got special lens only for that ) .
  • To ensure props don’t overpower the baby. Minimum use of props will be ensured to keep the baby as main subject.
  • If you wish for a set-up which isn’t available, you are most welcomed to arrange /hire according to your taste. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Newborn Studio Session

What if due date is postponed or preponed?

Need not worry, The shoot date will be shifted according to the delivery date. You would be requested to inform me on the day of delivery, So i can adjust dates accordingly



Why are Studio Newborn session expensive?

Studio newborn session comprises of very expensive props , training , studio lights, special lenses , longer hours to shoot. Hence they are higher priced 

What should i do before the shoot ?

Not to apply kajal or oil bath on the day of shoot. Remove any black thread on hands and legs. Feed the baby before the shoot and burp.

What if i want my favorite colour in prop ?

Snuggle diaries uses minimalist approach for studio shoots keeping the baby main focus and has limited color options, but you are most welcome to buy your favorite colored prop too for using or any sentimental belonging 

What if i want my whole family to be included?

Studio sessions an be combined with Lifestyle newborn session to include the parents. And Extra charges would be applicable for extra member.

Do you have a studio?

I have studio on wheels, As i travel a lot i carry my whole studio set up along with me and take 30-40 min to set up before the shoot and its at comfort of new mothers. 

Is Studio light harmful?

No, They are not harmful. I am a certified newborn photographer, trained in keeping safety aspect priority. Studio lights used are at very low power and it is ensured it is not directly flashed on to the baby and it is shot after baby has fallen asleep.

I do not wish to use studio lights , How will you manage the session?

Images will be shown with difference between studio lights and natural light. Only after your consent shoot will be carried out as there will be quality difference.

Why can't I get all Raw Images?

As unedited Raw format doesn’t depict the standard of the company and hence only the best ones are edited and shared.

What is Newborn Films ?

It is a 1 Min film capturing Newborn babies movements, cry and family emotions. 

Can I combine Studio and Lifestyle Newborn Sessions together ?

Studio Newborn sessions and Lifestyle newborn sessions can be combined but will be preferably shot on two different days as it takes 3-4 hours of shoot time for Newborn studio shoot.