Want to Remember the moment you held the tiny bundle of love for the first time.. Snuggle Diaries is one of its kind of Newborn lifestyle photography in India ​ providing pure and raw magical moment of a new mother and her Baby

Newborn lifestyle photography in india

Even amidst the pain and the rollercoaster of emotions going on, all one wishes for is to hold on to that purest moment that is filled with love. Newborn lifestyle photography aims at covering your precious moments at the comfort of your home without disturbing baby’s routine or mothers rest.

Newborn lifestyle photoshoot in India
  • This session is all about capturing you and the baby in the initial hours to days after birth, in the first environment.
  • The very first moment you held the baby to the diaper change done by the father, the moment of family showering love over the new member fondly.
  • The session is done natural light and the film also captures the sound of the first cry, all of it without hampering the little one.
  • It is pure and raw–you would be in your messy bun with the biggest smile on your face and the brightest shine in your eyes
  • Newborn lifestyle photography is Candid, Artistic and unique as every baby is.




Newborn lifestyle photoshoot of army father and son
Newborn lifestyle photoshoot of new mother and her daughter

Note:- No raw/unedited images will be shared, As they don not represent final outcome of the company


I’m a certified Newborn photographer who is comfortable shooting in both Studio lights and natural light. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Newborn Lifestyle Session

What is lifestyle newborn photography ?

Is is an approach to capture newborn baby in the comfort of family’s home, its documenting real expressions, cry and emotions in an artistic manner and true to its nature.

What is the difference between Newborn lifestyle and Newborn studio session ?

Lifestyle newborn session are done in natural light and are lightly un-posed. Studio newborn sessions are done using studio lights, wraps and props.

What should I wear during the shoot ?

Once your booking is confirm, We will be having a 20 min tele-consultation about wardrobe, were we work with what is available in your wardrobe and even help you in buying suitable clothing.

What if my baby is fussy ?

Initial days after birth are unpredictable ,As babies are colic and fussy at times. Lifestyle newborn session doesn’t disrupt baby’s routine. Every emotion is capturing even the cries and diaper change.