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Hey Mum!


Home is a feeling.

I love to help families preserve their fleeting moments and take photos & films that document their chaotic and beautiful family life at Home. Being a mother myself of a toddler, I understand the nuances of a family shoot and make an endeavor to make the session as fun and relaxed for parents.

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Hi! I'm Durga


I strive to capture how you look at each other and not at the camera

Snuggle Diaries | Newborn photography session
Snuggle Diaries | Family photography session
Snuggle Diaries | Family & Newbornes Films session

Are you ready for something more Real, Raw & Authentic..

Wouldn’t you prefer a candid style in-home family or newborn session without posing awkwardly and being camera conscious without knowing where and how to look? Are you tired of tons of props and looking for something more meaningful?  Want a family session which doesn’t lead to a stressful weekend or having to beg and bribe your children and husband to cooperate? A photo & film session where you get to be you, relaxed and just imperfectly perfect with your beautiful home as the background? Looking for photos & films to give yourself and your kids a lifetime of memories? Or just having somebody to document your newborn session without the hassle of packing and moving out when you are tired new parents? Looking to capture those squeals and running around madness at your home?

Snuggle Diaries Foto & Film | Indiranagar, Bangalore

I’m here for parents and newborn babies – to document the incredible family bond. I’m here for all special moments to specials every day.


I’m here for all the normal to special moments known, and everything in between. The messy faces, tired eyes and all the joy and wonder that parenthood brings us.


When you have a magical photo of your newborn baby and family it is impossible to get tired looking at them. Time passes... We are reminded of how quickly it flies by and we are reminded that even the photographer is unaware of things that are only understood by you... We get to choose what to hold on to and what to let go.


Preserve the way it felt 

"Durga’s work is like a breath of fresh air. She was our birth photographer, as well as a part of a family photo shoot. She gives you everything you want and more!! A lot more!!! The pictures we received from her were extraordinary. Her style is to keep it as natural as possible- to capture the right light and show the moment as is! She makes it look so effortless, yet one can see the amount of commitment and passion she works with. Thank you Durga for making us feel so beautiful and magical all at once! Thank you for being a part of some of our most intimate moments and making us feel absolutely comfortable. We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, and honestly, so glad we’ve got all the little moments captured now."


Snuggle Diaries | Durga Chincholi | Professional newborn photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore

Covid -19 Precautions

Sessions are shot at the comfort of your home and at a safe distance

In the current COVID-19 situation, I am taking all the precautions to keep yours and my family safe during the photo and film session. Your family sessions can be outdoors and I space my sessions a week apart to give you the undivided attention.

Snuggle Diaries | Durga Chincholi | Professional family and newborn photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore

These pictures and films are for your grandchilden 

To Treasure

Snuggle Diaries | Durga Chincholi | Professional newborn photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore
How it all started ...

Initial days after the birth were very blurry and passed by quickly. In between all the pain, no sleep, depression, exhaustion I remember holding those tiny hands, whispering loving words and smiling at his expressions. I took many phone photos of my husband and my son to document him growing (yes missing in almost all of them with few blurry ones) I have vivid memory only left and wished I could be captured too and I can only imagine how much it would mean for mothers like me.


That one wish was the starting of my lifestyle, storytelling, documentary (yes mix of all them) snuggle diaries photos & films, for moms like me ...


I found there was such beauty in our everyday routine, no matter the amount of exhaustion I would try to soak in each moment as I knew he will be growing up really soon... Even giving him a bath to hugging him really close, smelling his hair while stroking it to put him to sleep made me heal with the isolation as mother I was facing.


Snuggle Diaries | Durga Chincholi | Professional maternity photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore
I dreaded packing & getting out of the house on a weekend..

Being a parent takes it all... With every weekend being a hectic or wanting to relax I felt I didn’t want the stress of packing and heading to a studio to just have a family portrait. Life is hectic already and as a family I want a good relaxed weekend. I wished somebody could just come over and document us the way it is ... No stress no running around let us be us …


So, our own parenting way has made me come up with relaxed in-home sessions for families who wish to document their everyday lives or just have a fun filled day doing what they really love (family outdoor picnic, family supermarket grocery shopping) your routine your story your way.

Sessions are shot at the comfort of your home

My own childhood photo became the ticket to my childhood days...

After growing up, an old picture became my treasured possession and my personal ticket to my carefree and beautiful childhood. It is like a smell of first drops hitting the mud to playing with paper boat on rainy days. 

I’d love to work with you and help you in treasuring your wonderful essence of your family, just as it is – perfectly imperfect. My dream starting snuggle diaries photography is to give you the gift of memories in form of photographers of your family that can be treasured for years to come.

Snuggle Diaries | Durga Chincholi | Professional Photographer | Indiranagar, Bangalore
Snuggle Diaries | Professional newbornd & maternity photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore


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