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I’m here for parents and newborn baby- for the incredibly beautiful mother- baby bond. I’m here for those tiny and intimate moments. Birth, the beginning of everything; that first breastfeed, little baby kisses, whispers in ear.


I’m here for all the love, and everything in between. The messy faces, tired eyes and all the joy and wonder that parenthood brings.


When you have that magical photo of you and your newborn baby, husband or family, it is impossible to tire looking at it. Time passes, the power remains and strengthens. You are reminded of all the little things that even the photographer is unaware of things that are understood only by you.


Time is fleeing, so lets soak up every moment, every milestone, your special occasion. Even better, why not capture the not-so-special moments, those everyday moments, just life as it is - noisy and messy. Those are the moments that you can look back on and truly say "that was us and that is who we were".


I have one beautiful naughty son- born in Hyderabad hospital and that moment they lifted him and our eyes met to the moment they first placed him on chest. I will always treasure until my last breath. 


I have vivid memory only an wished it could be captured and I can only imagine how much it would mean for mothers like me. Thats how i started Snuggle Diaries for Newborn and family photography and film making.


After growing up, an old picture became my treasured possession and ticket to my carefree and beautiful childhood. It is like a smell of first drops hitting the mud to playing with paper boat on rainy days. 



You Never know when A picture is going to mean everything 

Freeze these fleeting moments of your newborn baby.. 

Mummy an dMe 3.jpg

I’d love to work with you and help you in treasuring your wonderful essence of your family, just as it is – perfectly imperfect. My dream starting snuggle diaries photography is to give you the gift of memories in form of photographers of your baby that can be treasured for years to come.

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