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Durga Chincholi :Documentary Photographer & Filmmaker 

I love how family films capture our fleeting time. 

Seriously. I get overwhelmed as I see the films of my own family with our son growing and me growing as a mother.


Over time I have come to know the importance of being part of my family documentary, As mums we usually end up always photographing our kids and husband and miss out being a part of it.

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Preserving moments on how it felt than how it looked.

My favorite photos with my family are those depicting emotions or mundane yet beautiful everyday activities without looking into the camera with all those strained expressions. The real us in our beautiful imperfectly perfect way these are the kind of photos that I fell in love with taking of my son and love doing the same for parents like me.


I still always take some naturally posed ‘portrait’ where everyone is looking at the camera for those Instagram profiles or on Nani’s (grandmothers) request but rest of our session will be totally laid back and fun.


No awkward poses, no uneasy smiles or crazy eyes. No worries about what to do with your arm. I want you to snuggle your kids and play with them and leave the rest to me. Your lazy Sunday morning to fun picnic in a park.

Hi! I'm Durga

Little about me...

  • As a mother of 3 year old I know how each moment is precious and before you know they are grown up !

  • I was born in Hyderabad and raised in Bangalore (I am fluent in English, Hindi, Kannada , Telegu and Tamil )

  • My favorite place to be is camping in tents in Manali and sipping chai in road a side café. I love trekking and cliff jumping

  • I’m married to my best friend and we’ve been together for 8 years!. But yes he is my pillar of strength for becoming a full time artist.

  • I love to re watch Audrey Hepburn movies, Vintage movies

  • Music and Dance makes me smile and gives me joy

  • I’m an Ex-Army officer retired at rank of Captain

  • I'm a passionate photographer in Indiranagar, Bangalore



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Let's work together!

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