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Snuggle Diaries | Professional Newborn Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore
Snuggle Diaries | Professional Newborn Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore

Newborn shoot without props

Shot at your Home

Initial weeks after Birth, your life will quickly pass by in a blur filled with overwhelming emotions and sleep deprivation.

They will grow (literally) and change every day and before you know they are crawling and you are baby proofing the whole house.

This initial phase where days feel longer and years shorter, it is really unfair as to how fast it goes by! Allow me to document and capture this brief phase with your newborn baby when they are still tiny and in your arms.

Snuggle Diaries | Professional Newborn Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore

With the years of experience photographing babies, I strive to take meaningful pictures that are aimed at freezing your newborns fleeting moments.

My Style is Raw, Real and Authentic. Babies are beautiful and pure just the way they are, I use very little props ( Wraps mostly ) and I do not make your baby pose unnaturally. We go with your baby’s comfort.


Your Newborn Photoshoot will comprise of Lifestyle ( Candid ) and Storytelling method with few studio style newborn Pictures shot right in the comfort of your own home. I’m happy to include Parents, siblings, Grandparents and the family pets into the newborn photo session.


This will also include Newborn Film of 1 min, as you wouldn’t want to miss those yawns and cries being frozen in a video forever.

I Promise your newborn session will be laid back and relaxed. The last thing a new parents need is to stress about their newborn photoshoot.

As a Indiranagar baby photographer, I’m happy to photograph your baby at ANY age! It’s perfect to schedule in the first two weeks.

Snuggle Diaries | Professional Newborn Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore
Snuggle Diaries | Professional Newborn Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore
Snuggle Diaries | Professional Newborn Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore
Problems new mothers face

Birthing is not same for all of us. Natural or C section initial days are always challenging. Many do not wish for newborns to be traveling in the first month. Mothers go through a beautiful phase of life along with many sleepless nights and yet in all the chaos you wish for it to be documented just the way it is, pure and beautiful. Well Snuggle Diaries is a customized experience made for mothers by a mother. I understand what you are going through.

Snuggle Diaries | Professional Newborn Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore
My solution

I travel to your home in the initial days (4 to 15 days after birth) along with my studio setup and lights. Newborn sessions comprise of Candid shots capturing all those beautiful moments of diaper change to a beautifully wrapped baby in a basket and to top it up a newborn film too. We would not want to miss those yawns and cries; the most beautiful phase should have it all. 

I try not to disturb the baby as much as possible and even with studio we go with the flow on how baby is feeling and will pose accordingly. Studio set up would be simple and minimalist with diffused indirect light so as to not strain the baby.  

Reasons to book an in-home Newborn Photo Session:

1. You are at your most comfortable self in your personal space!

2. No need to pack up Diapers, extra pair of clothes or worry about baby pooping on your way to the studio.

3. With Indian traditional customs, Newborn babies are not taken out of the house for first 30 days, No problem. We can bring the studio to your home or schedule once baby completes 30 days.


3. No need to rush to book your session in a hurry and let the baby adjust to the surroundings while giving the mother time to recover after birth.  

4. In-home session puts siblings at comfort  and hence they are always able to express better

5. It is not only comfortable but safer for being hygienic for newborn baby within the confines of your humble abode.

6. Your home would be the beautiful background for the images, the imperfectly perfect home to which you would always relate more once you revisit the memories.

7. We include ‘personal props’ favorite blanket to grandmother’s saree, to create a more meaningful heirlooms for you to pass on.

8. We can include your pets.


 STEP #1


First, you contact me and we'll chat about your requirements & what exactly you want!


Next, we'll pick a date, time and location. If it's a newborn session, I'll reserve dates according to your due date.  I will be helping you out with a client prep guide to make the session as smooth as possible.



I'll show up and we'll have relaxed and fun session. I promise. It will be more like spending an hour or two with an old friend rather than being awkward in a traditional photo session. Don't you even worry about your newborn being cranky or pooping being a mother myself, I know how stressful and tiring it is. We shall go with the flow without disturbing your routine.


Within two weeks of our session, I'll send you a link to view your gallery and film on my website. After viewing you can decide which album and wall arts need to be printed and purchases can be made accordingly (Optional)

I look forward to hearing from you and planning your newborn
session for your family!


First, let's schedule a time and date to have a quick phone call so we can discuss and I can give you all of the details.


After you decide to book, I'll send you a short mail confirming the session details and an invoice for your session package. You would be required to pay a small token amount to confirm the date and booking.


Next, I’ll be mailing you a prep guide and we'll discuss the details of your session and I promise to make it as smooth as possible. I always do newborn sessions at your home and Fresh 48 session at hospital.

For newborns, I’ll book tentative dates according to your due date. After birth, you let me know and I’ll schedule your Fresh 48 within 48 hrs and a newborn lifestyle within first two weeks. Some mothers are ready in two weeks for a session and some wait for a month or two. Either is fine with me as we with your comfort.


Day of your session: Just be your true selves. I'll do my very best to keep it relaxed and fun. Your session will be more like hanging out with an old friend for a bit rather than posing and saying cheese and looking at the camera. Newborn sessions are done late in morning so as to not disturb the baby’s routine.

Selecting albums /Wall Art – After the session I will be showing you sample premium albums and wall art for you to choose from. ( These are exluding the session fee )

After your session:
Within a couple of days, I'll send you a few sneak peek images and within two weeks I'll send you a link to view your gallery with ALL of the images from your session on my website.

After you view your slideshow, you can decide on which image needs to printed for wall art and photobooks. Once paid, you'll be able to download your full size digital images from your gallery.

Delivery of Photobooks/Wall Art Photobooks and wall art are printed and delivered within 30 days after the confirmation of album designs by you.

Frequently asked questions 


1. Ideal age of baby for newborn session ?

Preferably the baby is between 5-15 days or by the time umbilical cord has dried and fallen off. But don’t worry I love clicking older babies too.


2. What if baby is 60 -90 days old, how can I get newborn session ?

After 15 days studio session which involves wrapping the baby and soothing becomes challenging and uncomfortable for baby. Hence session would be done without studio part and keeping lifestyle and film part the same. 


3. What  all do we get in newborn package ?

I have three packages which will suit your requirement. Click here to view Newborn package


4. Do you have a studio ? 

I carry out all sessions at client’s home for the comfort of the new mother and the baby. I do No-Prop Newborn session.

5. What should I do before the session ?

Feed the baby, burp and change into something comfortable. 


6. How should I prepare my home for the session ?

Please keep all curtains open, switch off the artificial lights. And declutter all counters to have as less distractions as possible.


7.What should we wear ? 

I will be sharing client wardrobe guide after receiving your booking. For in home sessions, I request clients to wear all white or plain colored clothes and for the baby onesies and swaddles. 


9. What all will you be carrying for the shoot ? 

For my newborn session I carry my camera’s equipment, tripod, mic and wraps for the baby 


10. What if baby is cranky ? 

Newborns are always unpredictable and go through a lot of adjustment in initial days. As a mother I would keep your baby's safety as my outmost priority and go with flow. 


11. What is the cost of lifestyle newborn session ?

 Click here to view pricing


12. Do I get all Digital images?


Yes ! the best ones ! I will be selecting the best out of the session and editing them. It will be transferred through web. It will comprise of Hi resolution images ( print purpose ) and compressed images for mobile/social media use.


13. Do you provide prints?


I want you to have professionally printed premium quality albums/photobooks too. You wouldn’t want your beautiful session to be left out in a dusty pen drive. I will be carrying sample albums to your session and show them to you after the completion of session.


14 Do you provide wall arts / picture frames?

I take the hassle out of printing your images and provide you ready to hang wall art in your beautiful home.


15. How do I book ?

Contact me today ! I can't wait to hear from you and give you all of the details!

16. Photography specific question: What equipment do I use ?

I use Sony A7iii and Canon 5D Mark II along with 35mm lens, 50mm, 24-70mm and 100mm lens.


17. How far will you travel for the shoot ?

I am currently based in Indranagar, Bengaluru. But constantly visit Delhi, Mumbai and Srinagar.


18. I am not in Indiranagar, but need Newborn Shoot ?

I am happy to travel to a client’s location, contact me and we can plan your session. 

Snuggle Diaries | Professional Newborn Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore


Download my guide on Ten must take photographs of your newborn at hospital

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