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Dalhousie, Dharamshala & Delhi Newborn Baby Photographer 

Meaningful newborn baby photos shot at your home to capture how to felt to fall in love with your sweet baby   

Durga Chincholi, Newborn Sessions
I shoot Photos & Storytelling Videos at same time 
Newborn Baby photoshoot in Delhi
Durga Chincholi, Newborn Sessions

Family with toddler & Newborn baby

Location : Home & Cafe in Bengaluru, India

Snuggle Diaries | Professional Newborn Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore
Snuggle Diaries | Professional Newborn Session Photography | Indiranagar, Bangalore

Storytelling  photos + Film Services 


Love Session / Maternity photoshoot

Date session for couples shot at home & favorite place


Birth photography at Birthplace

Documenting Birth at hospital/birth place 


Storytelling Family Session

Capturing a day in kids life

  • I don't know how to plan such session for my family
    Here are some tips on planning a meaningful family session for your family Write down your favorite things you love to do as a family !! That's it ! Note : It can be as simple and mundane as you wish it to be. As its all about how you wish to see your life's story.
  • Is storytelling photos right for me and my family ?
    If you are looking for something more meaning full no matter if you are still dating or soon to be parents, storytelling photos are way to cherish your today. Note : If my work evoked bit of an emotion this is right for you, If you looking for Props and glamour, may be not the right photographer for you.
  • Photoshoot & Film is too Expensive
    Storytelling photoshoots are on higher side of investment than studio photography. Reason : 1. Customised according to each families story 2. Different situation and lighting every time. 3. Value of storytelling photos are higher as they show your real life and real home.
  • We are awkward in front of the camera / Camera shy .. how does it work then?
    Most of my clients say this ( almost 80-90%), So I work with families who hate posing and are camera shy. Sessions you just need to ignore me !! No posing, No forced smiles, No looking at the camera
  • Husband is reluctant , How do we get family photos
    Solution 1 : Please let him know there will be No POSING , No Awkwardness.. If he wishes, He can just have a cup of coffee and whole session will be around that. Solution 2 : You can go ahead with motherhood session without the spouse being in it.
  • Put on a lot of weight with child birth, Not sure if I would look good
    We have a lot of reasons.. But for your child you are you. TIME is limited and our reasons will always vary. - Wait for loosing those extra weight -Wait for re-decor to be done - Wait for a special occasion Well life doesn't wait and TIME is the most precious thing we have. So its NOW !
  • My Kid is very shy and doesn't like photoshoot
    Kids want to play, run around and throw a lot of tantrums, All sessions are Kids led session which means we do what they want us to do.. Below age 4, I request parents to plan the session but keep it flexible Above age 5 Kids plan the whole session and parents just go along
  • What is Family Film
    Documentary family film is love note from you to your kids. Its a day in your life turned into a film
  • Family film with 1 year old , How would it look ?
    Family film with 1 year old
  • What should we prepare for Documentary Film
    List of favorite things your family loves doing together ( Breakfast at dinning table, playing park, tantrums while playing etc ) Love letter to your kids to read out for audio for the film ( optional ) Other options are Q& A for random questions so you just speak your heart out. Please view all documentary family films here
  • Whats the cost of Photoshoot ?
    A pdf with pricing details is available on this page for you to download Pricing has been kept transparent and all inclusive. Any extra charges ( outstation, extra hours ) Will be discussed prior so no surprise charges given at end of the session.
  • What if we do not like the Photos ?
    The final delivery will be similar to the portfolio with style and edit, and will be showing you the results during the session itself. To protect interest of both the parties, advance will be non-refundable for the time invested and rest of the payment will be not be taken with no photographs shared with client. NO EDITED PHOTOS /FILM will be shared unless full amount is paid.
  • Privacy , We do not wish our photographs to be seen by others
    NOTE : 100 % privacy on any nudity involved, Breastfeeding, bathing of baby etc All sessions are given 20 % full privacy which means you can let me know few photographs which you wish not to be shared with others. If you wish for 100% Privacy Rs. 10,000 EXTRA will be applicable. As only by sharing client work as an artist I can run a sustainable business.
  • Our Home does not look good
    Home is home regardless how it looks. Memories are made in between all that chaos and imperfection. I request parents to just make it as clutter free as possible by keeping counters empty ( you can just hide things below till the shoot ends) As long as you have a decent amount of natural light at home, we can work around it.
  • What do we wear
    Plain clothing without designs / distractions for ladies and kids. No wordings on T shirt for men. No neons. This is to ensure focus is your expression Will be sharing a prep guide before session to help you out better.
  • We live in a small city / different city, Can you do a outstation shoot
    Please fill form and let me know the location If I can cover the shoot and travel within 48 hours I ll be able to do it. I have a son of 5 years old , I can take out maximum 2 days out only.
  • Do you shoot Events / Wedding ?
    As long as its a small gathering only. Please book a call to discuss further
  • Is there any photobook/album included ?
    Once you receive your edited images, I give an option to buy a memory box. Its box with individual prints of all the photos. I also give recommendation for DIY too.
  • Do you do brand shoots / commercial
    Love working with brand dealing with motherhood products Sample film for Kids clothing brand
  • Work with NGO's
    Would love to work with NGO's Documentary film for special school in Baramulla
  • Where will the shoot take place
    Place were you are most comfortable You home Favorite Cafe Beach Train / Metro Garden Places which you usually wish to visit while spending time with your partner.
  • We are shy couple and do not like posing, How does it work ?
    You will be on a date and I will just be third wheel who follows around. Shoot will be on silent mode ( you wouldn't know when I click ) Once you are comfortable will be using few prompts ( not posing ) example Can walk to that place, hold your hand etc keeping your comfort the utmost priority.
  • Whats the cost of Birth photography
    Different cost for planned and natural birth due to the nature of it. Starts from Rs.35,000 for planned birthing and Rs.60,000 for natural birth. Only after discussing in detail quotation will be shared as many things are involved ( Hospital permission, Any medical complication etc )
  • We want Newborn Baby photos in hospital right after birth
    Will be coming in with first 48 hours after baby's birth to capture the moments between family and newborn baby. It will be my endeavor to reach there as soon as possible, but due to the nature of natural birth being unpredictable 48 hours of window is promised to make necessary arrangements.
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Durga Chincholi, Newborn Sessions
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Snuggle Diaries - Professional Newborn Session Photography
Durga Chincholi
Durga Chincholi, Newborn Sessions


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