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Balancing motherhood

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Let me live now.

Let me live these days slowly.

Let me soak in every moment.

Let me take those much needed breaks.

Let me smell your hair my baby.

Let me hold you close and snuggle till you fall asleep.

Soon you will grow up and want to leave.

Mom Guilt

Since the time I became a full time mum, I had guilt of everything. I wonder if ever I would be able to balance motherhood and self. Guilt of leaving my well paying job, guilt of having my alone tea time, guilt of playing too much with my kid, guilt of eating in middle of night from too much Breast feeding, guilty of breastfeeding even after one year so that I get some sleep at night. But it never ended and I realized that most of it was self imposed.

Taking one day at a time

I am an early riser or at least used to be. Now I wake up only when I have to. Its not like I didn't try to go back to my earlier routine, I did. But I realized that putting a baby back to sleep at 6 AM was more painful and just went back to waking up with the baby. We are all often hard on ourselves but that doesn't define us. So I started giving myself more credit for trying.. its ok if I cant make it on all days. I can work out with my baby , I can write my morning pages when he is taking his afternoon nap. I can maybe try waking up 30 minutes before he wakes up so that his routine doesn't get effected. One day at a time.


Perfect Mother ? No .. I just want to be a happy mother who has some time for herself too. Because when I have my breaks and do something which purely is selfish and brings me joy I am a better mother, I care more , I can love more and do everything much more happily. So its ok if you need to hire a help or eat the left overs at times. Having some time for ourselves we end up becoming more productive and happy. Life hacks for Busy Moms

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