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5 Reasons Why Lifestyle photography is best for families

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

2019 March on my sons birthday I was so excited to do his cake smash photoshoot that i prepared for weeks, after all he was a photographers son and deserves the best. By than I had done several cake smash for other kids and they turned out pretty amazing and cute.

So after all the prep I placed my son in front of the beautifully decorated cake and was waiting for him to smash it and smear it all over his face and my fingers were ready to click and all he did was stare back at me with a look 'what the hell is this' ?? I thought its just matter of few minutes, we started distracting him and trying to make him smile and all I got was a cry of frustration. I was heart broken to be frank and felt disappointed that I couldn't take my own sons cake smash.

We dropped it and quickly cut into pieces and gave it to all. There are couple of things which I learnt from it

Kids are uncomfortable in studio set-up

Every kid is different but being a former studio photographer I can tell you this, Kids are uncomfortable being kept between a number of props, It is the trend of 2021s but to really think about it is unnatural for them to feel happy among tons of props without having a meaning. With pandemic hitting us, toddler have hardly interacted with others and a confined studio space makes them uneasy most of the time.

Kids get conscious with lights and prop set-up

Apart from professional models even adults feel conscious being asked to pose and smile in front of a camera and lights facing them. Having studio set up with tons of props did generate a lot of income but I found kids conscious and pressurized to smile and pose.

Let kids be kids

It took me a while to realized let kids be kids, I found them the most happy and peaceful playing with their toys in their familiar place or in parents arms. Even a newborn has a sparkle in their eyes when held by parents and once I started capturing them in the most natural and in their space I knew I found my calling.

Kids are comfortable at home

Imagine its a Sunday morning and you are having your family routine of hanging out in dinning table and just being yourself. Not only adults but kids are best and relaxed at home.

Your home as the background

As an adult memoires gush in when we revisit an old lane near our childhood house or school. It might not be fancy but it takes us back into memory lane of having that gol-gappa ( Indian snack aka Pani puri ) or that cotton candy we get while coming back home after attending a fair. They may seem trivial now but your home would mean the world to your kid when they grown up. Lifestyle session provides a backdrop of activities keep your beautiful home as a backdrop.

For me every time I look at Paper boat advertisement memoires gush in, If such beautiful illustrations could move our hearts, imagine what your own kids childhood photos and film could mean to them. For some it gives strength and for some its beautiful nostalgic moment.

If you are in Pune, Mumbai or Bangalore ( Even other places in India , As I travel a lot ) Do book your Family Session today

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