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5 Tips Helping you plan 'non-cringe-wrothy' couple photoshoot

I love some good photos and specially the ones I have my husband looking at me lovingly and I hate posing or starring at the camera, I feel the romance just disappears when asked to repeat what we were doing. To make things worst my husband hates, hates absolutely hates cheesy poses or even the word 'photoshoot' So if you are anything like me, here are few things to save you and help you plan a shoot which you and your reluctant partner would love it too..

Plan your session according to what you LOVE not what's trending

Keep it Short : Keep it as short and sweet as possible, 45 minutes maximum. Do not go for long sessions.

Plan your activities : If you love trekking together, go for it. If you love having cozy coffee in bed, you do that. You do YOU and not what is trending. The aim is to have all beautiful real things and bottling them up carefully.

Plan Location : If you love outdoor, do that but if you both have different opinion divide the session half and half.

Choose the right photographer

Well you can not choose 'conventional photographer' and except to have 'non posy' shoot.

Search for photographers who do unconventional Photoshoot for couples, But at the same time be very very clear with what you are looking for.



No fancy clothing

No looking at the camera

Ensure you say this out loud and clear for them to connect with you better.

Here are few recommendations according to city

Pune ( Pan India ) - Neha Salgare

Goa ( Pan India ) - Shwetha

Bengaluru / Gulmarg/ Jodhpur ( Pan India ) - Durga

Avoid awkward poses !

Well if you feel awkward it SHOWS !!!! its that evident. So here are few tips

  1. Avoid staying still, MOVE round..

  2. Talk to each other like you usually do, Its simple said than done..

  3. Dance !! It helps you loosen up.

  4. Take revenge ! Tickle your partner

  5. Have a cup of coffee in real and chill

Avoid fancy dresses and go for something real and you !

You look back at your photos with fancy clothing which is obviously very outdated and our of trend and with a lot of make-up which doesn't look like you. I am sure you don't want that !!

  1. Wear what you feel the most comfortable in.

  2. Wear glamorous dress, If that you.

  3. Go boots or sneakers, As long as you can run around comfortably.

  4. Think of it as a fancy date with your partner than a photoshoot while dressing up.

Few tips while you select your wardrobe

1. Avoid Neon clouds ( Camera hates it )

2. Avoid wordings on your T Shirt

3. Avoid big prints on your dress, try as plain as possible

4. Go plain whites, as they are safest bet.

5. Plan your wardrobe with help of a color palette ( you'll find tons on Pinterest )

Here are few more articles helping you plan

Places to buy beautiful gowns for Couple shoot

Tips for bring the romance

This is tricky, very very tricky.. Because we want them to look real rather than fake posing or forcing it. So here are few tips :

  1. Take your time, walk, talk.. Just be in the moment.

  2. Tap about your favorite memory together.

  3. Promise one thing as a surprise.

  4. Whisper something really really sweet or you know what I mean.

  5. Hold hands only if you feel like.

  6. Run as if you are eloping.

  7. Tickle your partner as a revenge for forcing you for this shoot.

  8. Make here twirl around.


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