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9 Tips for planning your family vacation in Gulmarg, Kashmir

We all know how much our childhood vacation trip meant to us, the new location, new place to stay and tons of traveling. We as children saw everything with a wide eye and took every new information with such excitement that I feel we cherish them the most. With help of technology we can now help our children re-live their vacation with detailed memory and for you to remember how it felt.

Pre-cautions regarding the weather

Check Temperature - Ensure to check temperature prediction prior to visit to Kashmir. Ensure you have thermals, boots, sweater, Jackets and gloves packed

Kids Winter clothing - For kids winter sweater and clothes I found H & M Kids best suited for Kashmir weather and Kids thermal & Jacket found best in UNIQLO store in Delhi the thinnest and the warmest. As kids get cranky easily.

Heating blanket & Room heaters - Ensure to ask & confirm if heating blanket and room heaters are available at place of your stay.

Best time to visit Kashmir

Spring and summer time are the best to visit Kashmir as temperature is just perfect.

Best places to stay in Srinagar

I found the most beautiful place to stay is Boat house at Dal Lake. With shikara ride in evening, You can't ask for a better view. Starting from Rs.1500.

Found Airbnb to have some nice options, try pre-booking if not you need to really bargain well.

Best place to stay in Gulmarg

The most sought out place in Gulmarg in Khyber resorts, They are expensive but with best facilities and location.

Place to visit around Srinagar

Must try while you are in Kashmir

  • Shikara ride

  • Noon Chai ( Its salty but delicious )

  • Kashmiri Kawa

  • Lawaz for breakfast

Must carry items for your trip

Medicines - Ensure you carry general medicine after doctor's consultation for your Kids ( Fever, Vomiting, Allergies, Stomach Pain, Loose motion )

Camera , Sunscreen, Jacket,

Activities to plan in Srinagar

Travel around the market area, But beware of fake-Pashmina. Learn how to make local food. Boat ride and here is a list of 15 things to do in Srinagar

Activities to plan in Gulmarg

Gandola ride in Gulamarg is a must try, but requires it to be pre-booked well in advance.

If traveling with Kids,Best time is to book around 9 AM, as there is lesser crowd and shorter queue for next two stages.

Gulmarg-Kungdoor (Two Way Ticket) - Stage ONE

Kungdoor-Apharwat (Two Way Ticket)- Stage TWO

Its only available through On-line Ticket booking so beware if anybody is trying to sell you tickets manually.

If you are planning Family photoshoot or Coupled photoshoot at Gulmarg, You can book April 2023 Dates here

Family Films shot for family vacation in Gulmarg.


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