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A Photographer in Bangalore: The Value of Capturing Moments

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

If you have ever held a baby in your arms, you understand that time is truly fleeting. Before you know it, that tiny, precious creature will be talking back and throwing dirty laundry everywhere! On those challenging days during adolescence and beyond, you will wish that you had high-quality baby pictures to look back on with fondness!

My name is Durga, and I am a professional newborn and family photographer in Bangalore City. I am an expert when it comes to capturing the quiet, pleasant moments of childhood and infancy - before the chaos of life sets in! If you are seeking maternity, newborn, or family photos taken by the best photographer in India, I'd love to help you create memories and heirlooms.

I'd love to tell you a little bit more about the services I offer, and why I'm the right photographer for your family.

Maternity Sessions

My photography is known for its authenticity. When you book a maternity shoot with me, you can expect a relaxed atmosphere, intended to bring out your most honest self. There will be very little posing, but a whole lot of joy and laughter as we work together to capture your joy!

I typically shoot mothers-to-be during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, right when your belly is beginning to pop! You can choose between a lifestyle session in your own home or an outdoor session in a comfortable location. Whatever you choose, it will be stress-free and memorable!

Newborn Sessions

I offer two options when it comes to photographing your newborn - a "Fresh 48" Session, or a lifestyle newborn session.

A Fresh 48 session is just what it sounds like! I will photograph your newborn and your family during the baby's first 48 hours of life - when they are brand new! You will likely be sleep-deprived and overwhelmed, and many parents love to look back at those blurry moments with fondness once they've slept!

I also offer lifestyle newborn sessions for babies between five days and three months of age. Babies grow and change so rapidly that every single moment is ripe for becoming a precious memory. You can be confident that my many years of experience will yield raw, authentic photos that truly capture your baby's personality on film. This is done right at your home keeping mother and baby's comfort priority.

Family Sessions

Babies are precious, but families with children of all ages deserve beautiful and genuine photos to treasure and share. My photography transcends the traditional portrait and verges into storytelling. Your life is not curated and perfect—why shouldn't your family photo capture you the way you really are?

Family photoshoots are some of the most relaxed sessions. When the goal is capturing laughter, love, and personality, a photography session can be a lot of fun! I promise to capture your family in moments of pure joy, which will become some of your favourite photos of all time!

Let the Best Photographer in Bangalore Capture Your Life on Film

Photography is more than a business for me. It is an art and a passion. It would be my pleasure to get to know you and your family as we work together to make something beautiful!

If you have searched for "professional photographer near me" or "baby photographer near me," and have landed here, welcome! I'm grateful that you found me, and I'd love to work with you!

Are you interested in booking a session? I'd love to discuss your vision for the ideal maternity, newborn, or family session. Book a session today to begin working with the most authentic family photographer in Bangalore!

With love,



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