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Career as a Photographer : How to start, challenges and creative path

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Let me start by saying this.. Yes dreams do come true and the secret to that is 'Work hard and be smart'

If you planning on picking up photography as career know that its your true calling and pursuing that would give you immense joy and career satisfaction. But before you start you need to aim to become the best of what you do, not just follow the trend and be ordinary. You need to give in 110% in your passion, study for hours knowing everything to you to know to achieve that shot which you have in your mind.

How to start

  1. Learn how to use camera in manual mode

  2. Learn editing

  3. Research on Types of photography

  4. Do morning pages ( Artist way by Julia cameron )

  5. Practice , Practice and Practice everyday

  6. Learn from experts, Do courses in the genre you choose.

  7. Learn Business and marketing

Creative journey

Painters, Artist and photographers have the ability to create beautiful images which can evoke emotions and bring joy. Its a journey you take for your soul not just to show to the world but to create for yourself for sake of creating. With social media at its peek we tend to get lost in the sea of images and are stuck with the 'trend' and we run behind it to only realize that the 'trend' has changed. So start with the creative mindset to create something authentic and real. It might be inspired but it needs to scream you and your style.

Learn and than unlearn it

Invest in photography courses and learn from the experts. Don't be dependent on academic knowledge but learn under photographers by assisting them too. It is way beyond just clicking right and a lot goes behind a photoshoot. From location selection, prompts, poses, makeup , emotive prompts, styling, light , shadows, composition etc. Once you have learnt try to unlearn and create your portfolio which has your voice and style.

Running the business

80% of your work will be business and marketing. As a photographer you become a brand yourself and for you to stand out you need to create a brand which speaks you and tells story behind your work. Learn what is branding, how to make a website, Digital marketing, PR projection.

You need to be seen in front of your ideal client so they can hire you to work for them.

Other source of income

As photographers we earn money from different sources

  • Blogging

  • Teaching

  • Monetizing website

  • Selling images, presets etc.

So start learning today, improve your communication skills as your interaction matters. And here are some colleges were you can pursue photography course

Colleges in India offering Photography courses

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