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DIY Phone photo's into a photobook with Rs.3000

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Let's turn your phone photo's into a beautiful photobook for your kids to remember their childhood.

Step 1 : Visit photobook website

Visit website and select Photobooks Link

Step 2 : Select Premium album option

Select Premium album option and in that PREMIUM IMAGEWRAP BOOKS

Step 3 : Choose 12x12 inch album

Choose either 9x12 inch photobook for Rs. 1,424 or 12x12 Inch photobook for Rs.2249

These two are highly recommended

Step 4: Upload Phone Photos

Select my album and upload phone photos. Ensure to directly mail yourself from your phone.

Note: Avoid images sent by WhatsApp as they get compressed.

Step 5: Use autofill to make album

Use autofill for automatic placement of photos or Drag & drop your phtotos in the box to make your photobook.

Note: It has 20 pages, so can hold unto 40 - 60 photos and extra page will cost Rs.80 extra per page.

Step 6: Add to cart, fill your address and make payment

  • Add to cart

  • Fill your address

  • Make payment

Note : Delivery charges start from Rs.250 depending on city and 12 % GST usually Rs.300 would be applicable.

So Within Rs.3000 you will have your photobook.

Watch Youtube tutorial video of making of the album

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