Family Photos + Films Services


Your family, photographed in a real, Raw and authentic way.

Family lifestyle session are the most natural, real way of family storytelling, its filled with authentic smiles and real laughs. These sessions are mix of storytelling, documentary and portrait photography which results in real, raw and authentic emotions being captured from special occasions, milestones to moments that happen in everyday life. Family lifestyle session can happen at home or take place in an outdoor location where you are most comfortable. It can be a relaxed Sunday morning at dining table, picnic near a lake or shopping at grocery store.

Recognize that this isn’t a typical, traditional portrait session.

It's hard to stay present with a chaotic day to day lives as time fly by quickly within few blinks and we get to decide what we want to hold onto. We have thousands of images stored on a phones and laptops and never-ending WhatsApp images being stored among these are few which mean a lot to us a pic of your kids making a mess in the kitchen floor or pic of you holding a baby for the first time. But it happens that one of the parent is missing in all of them that's the story of every mother documenting her kids childhood.

Collect memories over things


Thought of professional photoshoot itself is daunting as busy multi tasking mothers would not want to spend our packing getting ready to be already late photoshoot where you know your toddler might poop any minute or get too tired from traveling. 


Sounds like you?? Well i have a solution 

My sessions take place at your comfort of your home, making the most of the day and leaving a happy memory and planned according to you and your kids routine.


Sessions are filled with doing all your favorite activities from jumping on the bed to quite reading time. Filled with your kids toys bring life and meaning to image captured. It can be making the families favorite recipe to just snuggling on the sofa. Its all about you and your unique story to tell. 

Home is where heart it 

Outdoor family sessions is planned according to your families comfort and familiarity so kids are comfortable and ready to have fun. It can be a picnic near a lake to camping outside. 

I would be sharing few location suggestions near pune for your reference. 

Before session 

Booking and scheduling

Head over to contact page and fill out booking form along with date and time convenient for your shoot.

Payment / booking amount

You be required to fill a booking form available at contact page and select a suitable date and time accordingly. And make a non-refundable booking amount. 

And rest of the amount needs to paid on the day of session. 

Album + wall frame charges will be discussing with samples after the session completed. 


Location Selection 


Home - Because home is where heart is.. And your at your most comfort zone and so are the kids. Your beautiful home would be the back drop which would be more meaningful as your kids would be able to relate to their favorite nook and corners of their childhood home. 

Park - We can always divide the session and have some part of it at nearest outdoor location it could be inside your housing colony or nearest park, where I can document family time where your kids can run around and play. 

Lake / mountains - If u crave and wish for more scenic background we can always do a small picnic time. I would be recommending few locations in around city. 




Mothers - Comfort!!!! For mothers session at home j would recommend comfortable clothing. White t shirt and jeans / leggings is most preferred by many mothers. U can always wear your favorite dress too.

And for outdoor flowy dress or saree as their would be a lot of moments involved  

Fathers - White shirts and jeans / pants with closed shoes 

Babies - Swaddle / plain colour onies 

Toddlers - Comfortable plain clothing without distracting patterns and wordings 

Extra things to carry - favorite toy, favorite book, 


Client prep

On confirming the booking, i would request you for a video call/call to understand your requirements. Would be sending over a client prep guide over an email.

Would be requesting you to fill out a questionnaire for better understanding your family

Send a video of the house with no artificial lights on.

Discuss wardrobe for you and your family

Finalize the location


To keep it simple and hassle free would be requesting you to wear comfortable clothing for in-home session and preferably neutral to white tones. And for out-door sessions would be requesting mothers to wear flowy dresses/sarees according to a colour pallets.

Tips on what to wear will be shared in client prep guide along with recommended brands.

The day of the session

Photographing family at home

I use storytelling approach for family sessions, i research and have a fair idea before walking in for a session but i go with the flow according to you and your kids convenience. My goal is to balance documenting your time together efficiently with as little prompts as possible to create variety in your gallery so that your family can get back to relaxing and resting.


I make it a point to reassure parents to that they can attend to their children’s need at any time like snack time , changing or just soothing. I’ll continue to photograph you in these moments too.. Family sessions last typically 60-90 minutes.

Photographing family outdoor 


For outdoor sessions we would be starting early morning or late evening before sunset. To have nice yellow light/ golden hour. We would be moving around and interacting. Would be giving few prompts and make it as relaxed and fun as possible. . 


Album selection after session 

Soon after session gets completed I will be showing you few options of Albums and frames ready to hang for your home. Premium quality albums varying size from 9x9 inch to 12x12 inch and Wall art too. 


Number of images 

Each session is promised 40+ edited images. There will be no extra image selling as I would be sharing all the best edited images to keep it hassle free and for you take have the best and all inclusive package. 


Family Films


After the Session


My goal is to create meaningful images, which tells your family story, so I prefer to clean edit with true to life colours and ensuring it remains valued without a trend even after 30 years

Your photographs will be edited carefully and with love. I spend a great deal in selecting the best and editing them to keep natural look and feel. Please go through my portfolio, Delivered images will be similar or better. Skin will be lightly retouched keeping it beautiful yet real.. 


Delivery of images 

Within 4-5 Days 10 favorite images will be posted with your session blog, So u can share it with your family and friends and helps in driving traffic to my website and help in increasing its credibility. 


In 14 Days you will be receiving all edited images in Hi Resolution, Mobile version with watermark through online WeTransfer 


Album design and delivery 

Your albums would be designed with minimalist and clean look. As it's a third part printing, delivery would take place within 30 Days of Session. 



1. Will there be props? 

Ok so this is the most common question I get and my answer is always an yes but for my session props would be your kids favorite toy, utensils in your kitchen, the favorite rug in your living room or Dining table top. 


2. Best location to shoot? 

This totally depends on your comfort , you can choose your home, backyard or beautiful location near a lake. 

I would be recommending few location with sample images for your selection. 


3. You want to book? how does it work?


 Contact page - Fil booking form - choose from dates and time available which suits you the best - Make booking amount payment - Done 


You will be receiving a call from me to discuss further details


4. What to do if husband is uninterested and kids get cranky? 


I understand you.. We will be keeping it as casual and relaxed as possible and go with the flow.. We will be taking breaks 


5. Do you have a studio? 


That would be a No, I move constantly around India every few years. And my style of photography is usually done in natural light with your beautiful home as backdrop.


6. What if one of us falls sick 


We reschedule ! without a doubt. 


7. What should I do to prepare my house for in door home session 


I would request you to keep counters off any items and keep it as clutter free as possible. I would be removing and moving any item I feel is distracting in the frame. 


8.  What time is best for family session indoor? 


Late morning or early evenings depending on maximum sun light coming into your house and according to your kids routine when they are most active or after their nap time. 


9. What time is best for family session outdoor? 


Golder hour ( one hour before sunset) is considered the best for family outdoor sessions , we start 90 before sunset and wait for the beautiful sky in backdrop to take that perfect family portrait  


Note - Request you to leave home on time and reach ten minutes early for the session. 


10.What to wear? 


Indoor sessions - Plain whites Shirts, salwar, dresses or just to shirt and jeans is also good. Comfortable. 


I will be helping you with brand recommendations and will do best with what's in your wardrobe already. 


Outdoor Sessions - We choose a colour pallet for the family and work accordingly. 


11.What not to wear? Things to avoid 

Mein colour, Sports t shirt with logos, they are very distracting, wordings on t shirt, distracting geometrical pattern dress. 

My goal is to keep your expressions main focus . I even encourage mothers to change into their mom t shirts in the end and just document their evening routine like bath time and dinner time. 

How to book? Glad you asked!

Please, have a look at the available times and dates in our calendar or enquire via email.

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