Newborn Services 



My newborn sessions are for new mothers who wish to document their new phase in life at the most natural and real way of life. 


It comprises


Newborn lifestyle session 

New born film 

Newborn studio session ( one studio set up) 


This is done at your comfort of your home. Most if them are shot in natural light and studio session is done using studio lights. Session last usually 2-3 hours depending on the baby's comfort. 




Birthing is not same for all of us. Natural or C section initial days are challenging. And many families do not wish for newborns to be traveling in the first month. Mothers go through a beautiful phase of life along with many sleepless nights. Yet in all the chaotic chapter you wish for it to be documented just the way it is  pure and beautiful. Well snuggle diaries is customised and made for mothers by a mother. I understand you 




My newborn sessions , I travel to your home in the initial days ( 4 to 15 days after birth) along with my newborn studio setup and lights. Newborn sessions comprises of Candid shots capturing all those Beautiful moments to documenting diaper change both time to beautiful wrapped baby in a basket. And to top it up a newborn film too.. We would want to miss those tiny yawns and cries, the most beautiful phase needs it all.. 


I try not to disturb the baby as much as possible and even with studio we go with the flow on how baby let's up pose him or her.. Studio set up would be simple and minimalist with diffused indirect light. 


Before Session 


Booking & Scheduling 

When to book - Booking needs to be done when u are in 8th month / 32 weeks pregnant

Shoot date - Tentative due date needs to be filled in, will plan following weeks to accommodate your session accordingly

Booking amount - Rs. 5000 is requested to be deposited for reserving your spot, as I take limited Sessions. 


Payment - It can be made through the PayPal link on the Booking page or on google pay, account transfer too. 


Client prep -

Location - This takes place inside your house as I need to carry out studio set  up too. If you wish for outdoor it can eb discussed and customised accordingly. I even shoot at hospital immediately after birth. Please do check out fresh 48 hr session during hospital sessions. 


Wardrobe - Swaddles and onies for newborn baby and plain gowns for mothers and plain shirt with jeans/ pants for fathers. 


Would be requesting for a house tour on video call or a video without any artificially lights on. So accordingly equipments can be carried. 


Studio set up options - I offer minimalist style of newborn studio shoots and try to incorporate family hierlooms ( a family rug, grandmothers saree, mothers childhood toy etc. ) personlising it as much as possible. Studio set up come with few options as I would be carry them in my car and coming over to your place . 


Please go through my gallery to get a idea how your gallery would look. 


Day of the session


Photographing newborn at home 


We start early morning to document bath, massage time. Move to life style session with few posed and relaxed time with baby. Throughout I will be filming small snippets of baby's movement, cries and yawns.. At the end will be setting up a studio session and wrap the baby and photograph with studio lights / natural light. 

Studio lights are diffused and indirectly placed for safety of baby. 


Newborn films 


Lifestyle films are usually 45 see -1 min comprising of baby's tiny Beautiful details to diaper change, cries just the way it is. It will be edited and given along with licensed music.


After session you would be given option to choose from sample albums and wall frames. I can the hassle out of your hand and give you ready to hang frames and beautiful printed albums directly. 


Usage - All image and films can be used for personal use only. Not for commercial purpose. As all rights remain with photographer for any commercial use it needs to be discussed with me prior for commercial pricing. 


Privacy - All images will be used in photographers portfolio on website and social media. Apart from any sensitive images like breastfeeding, birthing, or any nudity involved. As this helps me in getting more clients. If you wish for no images to be shared on website or social media it would be respected , but with 25 % extra charges from session cost. 


Terms and conditions 


Any abusive language used directly or indirectly, photographer would hold the right to walk out without any explanation. 


After the Session 



Please go through my portfolio, your gallery would be similar or better. Lifestyle images ( Candid style) would be edited true to it's nature and keeping it away from latest trend so it remains priceless even after twenty years. Few images would be given in both colour and black & white. 


Studio style session editing would be slightly different as it is shot in studio lights. And skin editing would remain as per portfolio. No unrealistic editing / photoshop will be done. 


Delivery of Images. 


I promise you a hassle free all inclusive package, it means u need not select your final images. You will be give 40+ edited images ( which will have to trust me in selecting and editing) and 1 min film too.. 


No Raw / unedited images will be shared as it doesn't depict my standard of session and trust me you wouldn't want them too.. 


Album designing and delivery 


The album selected by you after session will be designed in minimalist style and delivered with him 30 days of shoot along with wall art selected. 


Complete payment needs to be made on the day of session along with payment of albums. 


Social media use- images delivered will be water marked for the artist recognition purpose. You would be requested not to use any filter on them as it's hours of work on editing to make it look the way it is. 

Frequently asked questions 


1. How old should my baby be for newborn session. 


We carry out the session when baby is between 5-15 Days. Or by the time umbilical cord has dried and fallen off. 


2. What if my baby is 60 -90 days old, how can I get newborn session. 


After 15 days studio session which involves wrapping the baby and soothing becomes challenging and uncomfortable for baby.. Hence session would be done without studio part and keeping lifestyle and film part the same. 


3. What an all do we get in newborn package 


Pre- consultation 

Prep guide 

40 + edited images with lifestyle documentary, film and studio session mix. 

2-3 hrs of session. 


4. Do you have a studio? 

I carry out all sessions at clients home for the comfort of new mother. I move around India very every few years so hence I have studio on wheels. 


5. What if I wish for my favorite colour props. 


Studio sessions are minimalist styled keep baby as the hero subject. It will not be over stuffed with props. And options as given in portfolio would only be available. 


6. What should I do before the session. . 

Feed the baby and change into something comfortable. 


7. How should I prepare my home for the session. 


Please keep all curtains open, switch off the artificial lights. And declutter all counters to have less distractions. 


8.What should we wear? 

I will be sharing client wardrobe guide after receiving your booking. For in home sessions I request clients to wear all white or plain coloures clothing. And for baby onies and swaddles. 


9. What an all will you be carrying for the shoot? 


For my newborn session I carry my camera equipments, tripod, mic, studio lights, props ( bowl, heart) , leaves and flowers, swaddles and wraps for baby 


10. What if baby is cranky? 

Newborn are unpredictable and go through a lot of adjustment in initial days. As a mother I would keep your baby's safety outmost priority and go with flow. 


Studio sessions are done after putting baby to sleep and for lifestyle session we just go with flow documenting routine along with few posed family portrait. 

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