• Durga Chincholi

6 Things to carry must for your Fresh 48 Session at Hospital

Must have for your fresh 48 session at hospital #fresh48 #hospitalsession

Pack along with your hospital bag and keep it ready

  1. Swaddle for the baby

  2. Matching Mittens

  3. Matching Baby Cap

  4. Gowns for New mother

  5. Plain Shirt for Father

  6. Plain clothing for siblings

Swaddle for baby

Plain white or earthy tones look beautiful for your newborn baby. Swaddles ideally should be of muslin cloth for the comfort of the baby and also should be sterilized. Etsy and Amazon have very beautiful options available too.

Matching Mittens

Yes, you heard me right. Newborn baby's tend to scratch themselves a lot and with nails already long you wouldn't want that. Try buying mitten matching swaddle and keep it plain and simple.

Matching Newborn Cap

Do buy a swaddle combo with cap which would make your life easy and order it well within time to have it washed and sterilized , as a baby's skin is very delicate.

Gown for New mother

New mothers need to look good to feel good too. Buy some loose gowns which is easy to wrap around your postpartum body and yet comfortable to nurse the baby.

Plain Shirt for new father

Yes, Please no logo's, sports t-shirts or anything distracting. You have invested in a session and clothes make a lot of difference and plain clothing would let the photographer capture the emotions and your expressions better.

Plain Clothing for Siblings

Your kid would be excited to meet his/her new sibling and you wouldn't want to miss those first bonding kisses, having them wear something simple and earthy tones would bring out the beauty.